Dining Hall

The Samiti has recently renovated the Dining Hall. It is more spacious and user friendly now. The dining hall caters to one hundred people at a time. Stress is laid on quality, nutrition and hygiene. The dietitian on the panel reviews the menu from time to time. A huge variety of food with various diet options is available for the boys. The food ranges from regional to continental, Chinese etc. The menus are not fixed and are changed on weekly basis. We are very conscious about the quality of food and hence only branded products are used. The staff involved with food service and products are put to regular medical checkups. The kitchen is well equipped with modernized equipment.

This spacious hall accommodates 400 students and staff. 100% vegetarian meals are provided to students. The meals and refreshments are carefully cooked provide adequate nutrition and nourishment to students.

Indoor Games

“The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.” – Pierre de Coubertin

Sports and games take their rightful place in the lives of Simpkins students at whether they seek high-level competition or recreation. The benefits of physical activity for the young are manifold. Sports give an opportunity to develop their physical skills and to remain healthy and active, while experiencing the pleasure of achievement. The mental and physical strength, self-discipline, rigour and practice required to excel help them gain confidence in all that they do as a part of a team. This also teaches them the qualities of self-control, self-esteem and leadership and develops the characteristics of a true team player and sportsperson, attributes that will be of value later in life. The blend of the joy of winning and the pain of defeat experienced in the sporting arena helps the individual to be balanced, cope with failure and empathize with his opponents and his team when faced with defeat. The sporting activities offered at the School include aerobics, athletics, badminton, basketball, chess, cricket, football, hill walking and camp craft, judo, karate, table tennis, taekwondo, throwball, volleyball and yoga. Periodically horse-riding and swimming sessions are also arranged for the students. The School conducts an annual sports meet and holds inter-house competitions in most of the sports mentioned above.

Dance Room

“Socrates learned to dance when he was seventy because he felt that an essential part of himself had been neglected.”
A substantial number of hours in the timetable and ample opportunity after school, are dedicated to encouraging children to explore a wide range of creative pursuits. Time spent on music, drama and dance, is time well spent. The pleasures in doing and the satisfaction of achievement not only tap students’ creativity and originality, but also encourage their concentration, patience, commitment and teamwork. Specialist teachers for these subjects, working in the areas designed for their activities, ensure that the pleasures and rewards of creative work complement academic study. To maximise the music skills, the school provides fully equipped music room with Indian and Western instruments viz. – Tabla, Harmonium, Violin, Guitar, Dholak, Key Board, Congo, Drums etc.

Arts Studies

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
The co-curricular activities are designed to nurture the holistic growth of the students. The activities encompass a wide range and include among others pottery, woodwork, art animation, computer graphics, spray painting, needle work, tailoring, clay modeling, vegetable painting, sketching, knitting etc. At the end of it all, the students will have developed sense of aesthetics and a spirit of adventure and competition.

Swimming Pool

The six lane indoor fully-heated swimming pool facility has adequate changing and locker room provision for 50 students at a time. The water is maintained with bacteria free water with the help of ozone and ultrasound system equipped inside it. The filtration equipment provided ensures international health standards in water cleanliness. The facility also has adequate indoor seating for 100 spectators for competition events.