School Rules

Rules & Regulations

The fees mentioned in the chart is payable in advance before the 10th day of every month. Fees are chargeable for 12 months of the year. The fees once deposited is not refundable or transferable.

The fees for 12 months is collected in eight months i.e. up to February of every year.

It is the responsibility of the parents/ guardians to deposit all the fees in time otherwise school will be free to strike off the name from attendance register.

The school will be free to fill the vacancy thus created.

For the Re-Admission the following payments will be necessary.

Dues of the previous month:

– Late fee
– Re-admission fee of Rs. 250/-
– Dues of the current month.

Medium of Instructions

The Medium of Instruction from Nursery to Class XII is English. English is to be studied as first language. Hindi is used in various educational activities.
Sanskrit is to be studied as third language. Computer Education is compulsory for all from I grade & upwards.
Hindi Medium classes also run for VI and upwards (Classes upto X).


A student may be withdrawn from the school only after giving a notice in writing before the 15th day of the preceding month.

Transfer Certificate

Students leaving school may obtain Transfer Certificate from the office after clearing the school dues and on payment of the Transfer Certificate fee.


A minimum of 90% attendance is compulsory for every student.


All visitors or Parents/Guardians to the school are required to report to the Reception for any personal contact with students or school authorities.


A student may be expelled from the school for a limited period or permanently on the following grounds :

· Gross indiscipline, Bad company.

· Unwillingness to adjust himself to the pattern of school life.

· Non payment of fees.

· For unsatisfactory participation in class work.

· More than seven days absence from the school without permission.

School Planner

School prints its own planner/Almanac. It is set for the whole academic year from July to June. Students use it as a handbook guide to follow school schedule for Inter house competitions, Saturday activities, Unit tests, Exams, holidays, celebrations and other information regarding school activity.

Scheme of Evaluation

Now onwards the grading system is in functioning under the continuous and comprehensive evaluation pattern of CBSE. This system of learning is adopted in view to reduce the burden of child with joyous method of learning through various activities, projects and practical research.

There will be Formative Assessments & Summative Assessments for the promotion. The objective behind this assessment is twofold continuous evaluation and formal examination. The co-scholastic areas shall be given due importance along with life skills and attitude towards various tools around the scholars. There is no formal examination pattern for Kids Planet & Pre-Primary classes.

The main focus is on all round development and that is the goal of present education system.

School Uniform

The school will prescribe a definite dress code to install a sense of belonging and camaraderie among fellow students. School will recommended a set of regular uniform for daily school as given in the separate sheet attached herewith. The Management and staff take pride in welcoming you to our fold and to be edifice of excellence. You may find elements of your vision elsewhere. However, we assure that you have made the right choice for your child and we will have no stone unturned in transforming your child to be someone who will become an achiever in his/her chosen field of specialization and who will contribute even if in a little way for a better world tomorrow.


  • Students will be granted leave only for urgent reasons and on receipt of a written application.
  • The sanction of the Principal is to be obtained before the leave is taken.
  • Medical Certificate must be presented in case of long illness lasting for more than three days.
  • A notice of three days must be given for any certificate or documents required from the school office.
  • Parents should follow the instructions given to them from time to time.