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About HillGrove Clos Academy

Day in the Life of a Hillgrovian Boarder

Though a boarding school day is fairly scheduled, it’s up to each student to make sure he’s on time, which teaches the students to take increased responsibility for their actions.

Starting with an early morning at 6:00 am the students are expected to wake up and get dressed for Self-study-prep. Hygiene and tidiness are deeply instilled in the students as they are made to keep their rooms, personal spaces and cupboards clean and tidy.

Any variance in these standards are corrected by the house-parents who help each student become holistic individuals, incorporating values, virtues and other soft skills which are fundamental to future success. After an hour of prep the boarders assemble to join in a common prayer and to be given all the important announcements of the day. Strict discipline is maintained at all times with a comfortable margin of freedom necessary for young people to grow in a healthy manner. In addition, boarding school rules are often more strict and there are consequences for breaking them. Boarder’s fuel up for a hard day at school in the separate boarder’s breakfast that provides a nutritiously diverse array of meals ranging from cereals to freshly cut fruits and meals selected from numerous cuisines.

After school the students have a small snack and are given an hour to rest and de-stress themselves before another hour of Self-Study-Prep or structured extra classes in various subjects. The students are made to refrain from any form of indiscipline during such times of self-study and are continuously checked and overlooked by the house-parents in-charge

Following the rigorous hour of study is the much awaited “Games Time” where the boarder’s sign up for a game of their interest which they wish to learn and are coached by distinguished sports instructors. After the games hour boarders return to the boarding house to clean up and get ready for dinner. Again they are taught to maintain high standards of personal hygiene. Dinner for the boarders comprises of culinary and traditional specialties’ from all over India and also International cuisine so that the international and inter-state students feel at home. An early dinner makes place for a healthy life-style and ensures good sleep. Between dinner and “lights-out” at 10:30 the students are given time to recreate and relax and complete their homework. They are allowed to mingle with their batch mates which helps instill a sense of belonging and community living. Good reading habits are also promoted at such times when they are allowed to indulge in the elaborate world of literature. An early night allows the students to sol.

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